Premium service

~Finest Service~特 別なリゾートステイにふさわしいプレミアムルーム

Full relaxation and top level hospitality will be delivered.

A variety of room types and high quality rooms are prepared in Kanucha Resort
The guests could benefits from a lot kinds of the event.
A lot of service such as the breakfast room service, the usage of premium lounge and so on are aim to meet your satisfaction.


Royal Suite

This type of room stands for the sprits of our resort, the high level service is guaranteed. The name showed the dignity and capacious of this room. Please enjoy the open space and the sprits of Kanucha and have a wonderful vacation at the paradise.


Abian Beachside Cottage

Room with beautiful beach view and the impressive ocean. There are 4 different types of the atmosphere and the private space will let you have a good time.


Palm Executive Twin

The best view of nature. This room is the only type of high-rise hotel building at Kanucha Resort. Panoramic view can be seen from the 7F and 8 F. it will be a special stay in this room.。


Kanucha Suite

There is a private jet bath in this luxury suite and the interior is very elegant. It is a perfect choice for the guest who want to enjoy the holidays.


Palm Towers

It will be a place remains on your mind. Please enjoy the luxury facilities and have the best holiday at Kanucha Resort!



  • 朝食ルームサービス
  • プレミアムラウンジのご利用
  • カート1台ご利用無料
  • 限定アメニティセット

Popular equipment of premium services subject rooms.

Canopy bed

  • ⋅ Royal Suite
  • ⋅ Kanucha Suite

Bar counter

  • ⋅ Royal Suite
  • ⋅ Abian Beachside Cottage 2F-A
  • ⋅ Palm Executive Twin
  • ⋅ Palm Towers

Private pool

  • ⋅ Abian Beachside Cottage sharing

Open jet bath

  • ⋅ Royal Suite
  • ⋅ Abian Beachside Cottage
  • ⋅ Palm Executive Twin
  • ⋅ Kanucha Suite
  • ⋅ Palm Towers

Precautions on use

Even in the case of a premium service accommodation room, there is a possibility that the service above is not included.

  • 1. Special plan limited to the website. The plan in detail is described. Please confirm the contents.
  • 2. In the case of using the voucher.
  • *The service above will be changed without prior notice. Please notice this possibility.

Reservation and inquiry

Reservation Center: 9:00-18:00 TEL: 0980 55 8484

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